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Thursday, October 31, 2019

Central Supplier database versus vendor registration        

By Werner van Rooyen, Director of HowToTender (Pty) Ltd which specializes in tender consulting and tender training.

As you all know the Government has launched the Central Supplier Database on 1 September 2015.  One of the purposes for the Central Supplier Database is “the establishment of a Central Supplier Database (CSD) that will result in one single database to serve as the source of all supplier information for all spheres of government.  The purpose of centralising government’s supplier database is to reduce duplication of effort and cost for both supplier and government while enabling electronic procurement processes”.  If you are doing business with the Government or if you intend to do business with Government in the near future, you will have to register on the Central Supplier Database.

The question that arises and is asked at our HowtoTender workshops is should we as business owners still register as vendors with the different municipalities and government departments that we do business with?  The short answer is yes – you will still have to register as a vendor if it is required from the municipality, government entity or government department.

The reason for this is because there is not a link between all municipalities, government entities or government departments between their databases and that of the CSD.  We are aware of certain National Departments such as the National Department of Health that is linked to the Central Supplier Database.  There was a transitional period from 1 September 2015 to 31 March 2016 when existing Organ of State supplier databases were transferred to the Central Supplier Database.  This has not been completed yet.  Once this has been completed you might be requested to validate your information on the Central Supplier Database.

We urge you to register your business on the Central Supplier Database as quickly as possible if you want to do business or continue to do business with government.  The process to register is easy.

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Title Closing Date Tender No.
Tenders are hereby invited for the supply and delivery of desktop computers and laptops 2020-08-21 11:00 WCC- DC- 2020
The Supply, Implementation and Support of an Email Archiving and Continuity System for a period of three (3) years 2020-08-21 11:00 RFB 118/ 19/ 20
PROC T597 - Appointment of a service provider to develop and pilot an e-learning course/ programme on cooperative governance and entrepreneurial mindsets. 2020-08-27 11:00 BID REFERENCES: PROC T597
PROC T599 - Appointment of a service provider to develop and pilot an e-learning course/ programme on non-profit organisational sustainability. 2020-08-28 11:00 BID REFERENCES: PROC T599
Appointment of a Panel of Service Providers to Provide Recycling and Destruction Services (Non-Compliant Products) To The Nrcs for a Period of 36 (Thirty-Six) Months 2020-08-24 11:00 NRCS 003- 2018/ 2019
Appointment of a service provider for post-retirement medical benefits advisory services to Umalusi 2020-08-28 12:00 Umalusi Tender(19- 20) T0013
PROC T598 - Appointment of a service provider to develop and pilot an e-learning course/ programme on a range of entrepreneurial skills. 2020-08-27 11:00 BID REFERENCES: PROC T598
Appointment of service providers for inclusion in the Public Protector South Africa (PPSA) panel of external investigative resources and subject matter experts on as and when required basis for a period of three (3) years 2020-08-31 11:00 PPSA 006/ 2020
The South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited (SANRAL) is soliciting proposals for the Maintenance and Support from Avaya Authorised Partners for a period of 24 months. 2020-08-25 11:00 SANRAL 58000/ 1004/ 2020/ 03
PROC T600 - Appointment of a service provider to develop and pilot an e-learning course/ programme on starting a business. 2020-08-28 11:00 BID REFERENCES: PROC T600
Request for approval to create bidder accreditation panel for saps global system for mobile communications (GSM) and long-term evolution (LTE) router solution to be used in remote sites and mobile vehicles for a period of three (3) years 2020-08-21 11:00 RFA 2214/ 2020
Provision of Sewer Services at the Tsitsikamma Section of the Garden Route National Park For A Period Of 3 Years 2020-08-21 11:00 GNP- 022- 19
Appointment of a supplier for the procurement of 46 new, electrical golf carts and 5-year maintenance plan for the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) at the National Zoological Garden (NZG) in Pretoria 2020-09-04 11:00 SANBI: NZG373/ 2020
Rendering Of Fleet Garage Card For National Health Laboratory Services (NHLS) For A Period Of Five(5) Years. 2020-08-21 11:00 RFB 103/ 19/ 20
Appointment of a Service Provider to Supply Internet, Telecommunications, Email, Backup and Hosting/Cloud Service Solutions 2020-08-31 11:00 SALGA/ 84/ 2020
Appointment of a service provider for the provision of Physical Security Services for a period of 3 years 2020-08-24 11:00 RFP/ SASSETA/ 20211104
Provision of Garden Services:Re-advertisement 2020-08-28 12:00 MTK 07/ 2020
Provision for 4IR Specialist Training for 24 Months 2020-08-14 11:00 Nemisa/ 2020/ SPECIALIST/ RFB001
C1025.04: Periodic maintenance of trunk road 9/1 (Route N1) from Black River Bridge (km 0.00) to Plattekloof Interchange (km 10.87). Designated cidb grading: 7SB or higher 2020-09-01 11:00 S006/ 20
Provision of Global Adult Tobacco Survey in South Africa 2020-08-28 11:00 SAMRC/ ATODRU- PGATSA/ 2020/ 07


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